Patch Notes

Eldervale (Early Access) Patch Notes (0.9.2)


  • Added several new markers to be discovered on the map.
  • Currently selected map changes automatically when arriving on a new floor.
  • Added a low health effect on screen to further indicate critical health status.
  • Flashlight light intensity increased slightly.
  • Killed enemies disappear after a longer period of time.
  • Deviants now deal slightly less damage on Normal difficulty.
  • A certain dangerous enemy type now has slightly less health on Normal difficulty.
  • Enemy damage now capped at 25 (which is common on Hard difficulty).
  • Hives and exploders no longer respawn.
  • Unlocked door markers on the map now save correctly.
  • Selected costumes now save correctly.
  • Destroyed boards now save correctly.
  • More events included in the save file.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the ending to be played immediately instead of letting you make a choice.
  • Fixed a bug when starting a new game after resetting the playthrough.
  • Fixed several achievements which were bugged or inconsistent.

(Released : 2019.07.30)

Eldervale (Early Access) Patch Notes (0.9.1)


  • In-game settings now save properly.
  • Added option to change difficulty mid playthrough in the Main Menu.
  • Added a display of current difficulty settings on the Pause Menu.
  • Added text to explain how to switch currently shown map.
  • Puzzle Easy Difficulty clues reworked to be more helpful.
  • Piano Puzzle clue fixed to be correct when reading it as sheet music.
  • Symbols Puzzle has additional clues when examining the symbols.
  • Vending Machines now display item tool tips and stack information.
  • Vending Machines now display the correct cost of Shotgun Ammunition.
  • Vending Machines now give a full clip of Handgun Ammo (8) instead of 5.
  • Removed maximum cap of healing items in Inventory (was 4).
  • Improved animation when aiming with the Handgun.
  • Added a light near the 2nd firearm to make it hard to miss.
  • Added several lights to the game to make those areas less frustrating to navigate.
  • Stealth sections should feel more consistent when hiding from enemies behind objects.
  • Character limit increased from 8 to 16 when naming characters.
  • Added tutorials for map use, healing and equipment. They appear when you first pick them up in CH1.
  • Adjusted hitboxes for the Alchemy Puzzle and added text reminding you which chemical is which colour.
  • Additional help for the Piano Puzzle.
  • Added lights on the Handgun when picking it up so it’s harder to miss.
  • Added lights near the 4th Statue of the Statue Puzzle to make it easily noticeable.
  • Fixed an issue where certain joysticks could cause an interruption in sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue with the first enemy’s hitbox when going back with a weapon already acquired, as well as damage hitbox of a 2F Nurse when shot from behind.
  • Pressing the run key while crouching now interrupts crouching.
  • Added a new save point in Chapter 3.
  • Statues Puzzle : Changed statue examine text wording to make it less confusing.
  • Roster Puzzle : Additional clues and revised wording.
  • Symbols Puzzle : Revised wording and text formatting.
  • Fixed an issue with the (final enemy) regenerating HP when playing on Easy or Hard Combat Difficulty.
  • Numerous other small fixes and adjustments.

(Released : 2019.07.15)

Eldervale (Demo) Patch Notes (0.8.9)


  • Mouse smoothing disable option added.
  • Mouse invert vertical movement option added.


  • SFX channel adjusted.
  • Reverb areas added.
  • New enemy proximity ambience added.
  • Use healing item sound added.
  • Weapons dry sound added.
  • Low health warning sound added.
  • Hurt by smoke sound added.


  • Examine text disappears slower.
  • Added text when trying to light a candle without matches.


  • Slightly reduced file size.
  • Slightly reduced load times.
  • Better optimization of animated objects while game is running.

Bug fixes

  • Character hit box adjusted to make movement smoother along edges.
  • Character turning improved.
  • Character look at spots adjusted.
  • Some light placement errors fixed.
  • Playing a door opening sound multiple times fixed.
  • Removed a test function to drop items by pressing „X”.
  • Fixed some issues where an enemy could hit you through doors.


  • Numerous other fixes and changes.

(Released : 2018.06.27)

Eldervale (Demo) Patch Notes (0.8.8)


  • Updated description for controls.
  • Key descriptions are shown on mouse over in inventory.
  • Button prompts after picking up equipment.


  • Enemies move faster.
  • Enemy attack cone increased.
  • Enemies learned a new trick.
  • Decreased an enemy type’s HP.


  • Added new ambient theme.
  • Enemy volume increased.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when reloading with few bullets in stock.


  • Numerous other fixes and adjustments.

(Released : 2018.06.17)

Eldervale (Demo) Patch Notes (0.8.7)


  • Increased flashlight intensity.


  • Reduced bullet spread.
  • Enemy hitbox size increased.
  • Certain enemies move faster.

Pause Menu Settings (Esc)

  • Removed cheat options.
  • Removed Rendering Path option.


  • Fixed some issues which caused geometry to block camera view.
  • Adjusted some static camera angles.
  • Improved some animations.
  • Fixed basement ambience looping issue.

(Released : 2018.06.13)

Eldervale (Demo) Patch Notes (0.8.6)

Pause Menu Settings (Esc)

  • Master Volume Slider added.
  • Music Volume Slider added.
  • SFX Volume Slider added.


  • Adjusted eye adaptation levels.
  • Starting Gamma level is 2 (was 1).


  • Fixed an issue that caused the notes in the basement to get stuck on the UI when clicking the close button.
  • Fixed a bug where you gained 100 tokens on death, instead of retaining your actual score.
  • Added a few extra Matchsticks, that were missing by mistake.

(Released : 2018.06.09)

Hi there! Here is the Offical Trailer

Eldervale is an upcoming survival horror adventure game.

Open beta access and free demo available soon!