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Fact Sheet

  • Developer : Solkitte
  • Release Date : October 20th, 2019
  • Platforms : Windows PC
  • Price : USD 14.99
  • Availability : Digital Download
  • Languages : English, Simplified Chinese
  • File Size : ~1GB
  • Press Contact : solkitte@eldervale.com
  • Social : Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Eldervale is a Third-Person Survival Horror game made in the style of early 2000’s classics. Exploration and atmosphere is key, supported by varied gameplay (puzzle solving, combat, stealth, resource management). The story is more subtle and layered than in traditionally narrative-driven experiences, waiting for the player to explore it’s depths and come to their own conclusions. You play as Ophelia Delaney, a young woman haunted by the early childhood she spent with her parents in the small, rural town of Alder Stow. The Delaney family owned a large estate for generations, used for many purpose during the 20th century. The events took place there remain unknown. At age 7, Ophelia was forced to leave town and move to her aunt who raised her. Now, 10 years later she is tormented by images from the past, suppressed memories and lucid dreams. Those close to her suggested increasingly radical treatments. After those failed, Ophelia was sure that she can only be cured where she was born. She must return to the Delaney Institution.


Explore a large, interconnected level filled with deadly secrets.

Fight, escape or sneak past more than a dozen types of enemies and dangers.

Collect and manage items to aid your survival.

Solve diverse puzzles and obstacles.

Piece together the past of the Delaney Institution and it’s residents.

Meet other characters and decide their fate.

Unlock multiple endings, alternate costumes, achievements and more !

About the Developer

I’m an independent solo developer from Hungary making games out of love and passion for 10 years. Eldervale is my first commercially released project. It has been in development since November, 2016. A free demo was released on Itch.io and Gamejolt on June 6th, 2018.

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